Consistent with Reality

Jim Kunstler writes Shock and Awe

Reality is telling us to shift from avoidance behavior and denial to engaging with reality in order to lead lives that are consistent with reality.

Sometime the truth hurts or stings. Jim Kunstler is talking about many things to do with the US economy there.

One of the great things about listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast is his emphasis that life is hard, the fundamentals matter, and you’ve got to face what’s right in front of you or you’ll end up drowning in it. Dave talks about debt, but facing up to reality matters in all matters.

But damn if it’s not hard to face reality. But reality doesn’t go away just because we want things to be a certain way.

The good thing is that reality can be shaped and pushed at, it’s possible to make changes in this world. There’s always hope. There’s always another thing to try.

Never surrender, never relent, ever — Onward.

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Sassy, Ha.

I like reading the apocalyptic folks because it helps give me a sense of worst case scenarios, but really JK’s lines about reality hit be hard as true for me in life.

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