Please Compare and Contrast

Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street, from around 1979:

Toy Dolls: Nellie the Elephant, from around 1984:

Topics you may wish to discuss include video aesthetics, goofy British dudes, musicianship, seriousness and fun.

I like both songs very much.

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Wow, thanks! I’d never seen videos for either of these.

What I like about Baker Street:

* Understated melancholy in lyrics
* Great sound production
* Melodic guitar solo at end

What I like about Nellie the Elephant:

* Everything. 🙂

I love Nellie the Elephant. That’s a song I first heard on 91X on the radio in about 1984 – I was 14 years old and it made an impression. At the record stores I would go to they typically would not have Toy Dolls records, and if they did I was more likely to pick up something I was more looking for. Just recently it seems like much of the music that was at the edges of what I would want to listen to is very available. It’s terrific, because I can see what I missed out on for 20 years. And Toy Dolls look to be worth a serious look. 🙂

I mostly listened to KLOS growing up in LA, but a lot of my friends were into KROQ, and they used to play Nelly the Elephant all the time. I couldn’t get enough of it. I’ll have to check out more of their stuff…

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