Bar Camp LA 4 was Cool

I had a great time at BarCamp LA. I missed Saturday but I went Sunday, I brought 60 pounds of ice, I brought 7-up, I brought grape soda, I saw and participated in presentations, I met people (few new, some old), I took photos, I twittered, other people took photos, I ate pizza, I went to Royal Clayton’s, ate Shepherd’s Pie, and shook the hand of Richard Stallman.

Topics discussed and learned about: web applications, undo, chumby, mass transit in socal, yui, prototype, jquery, javascript, open source, gpl, gnu/linux, ventura county tech events, data visualization, jobs at the la times, mashups. That’s a partial list.

Full day. Here’s what I looked like after pizza. One cheese, One pesto and artichoke. I was full:

Post pizza

I hope to post more detailed notes at another time.

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What else did he post in November 2007?

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I didn’t see that on Sunday. But I didn’t spend the night Saturday. There was beer though, the night before. I didn’t get a sense like there was drugging at all. Just nerds.

There’s one in San Diego this coming weekend, if you wanted to find out by direct observation. 🙂

I hear there is a lot of drinking and drugging at those Barcamps. .. is it true?

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