Uh oh, I am unwell

My nose is a-snifflin’. My head is a-stuffy.

This is not optimal.

I am wishin’ and hopin’ for health, and also mean to get into some fluids and whatnot. Also rest where possible.

But I feel so energetic!

posted this 16 years ago.
What else did he post in November 2007?

(Friday November 30th 2007 at 9:04pm)

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@susan m

i’m going with: cheap target cold remedy, 7up, and sleep as much as it practical. also, chicken bullion by the bucket!

my favorite fight-off-a-cold remedies:

hot water with lemon juice and honey

zinc tablets that you dissolve slowly on your tongue

Yin Chiao, available at Chinese health food stores (make sure it contains forsythia:

Ganmaoling, also available at Chinese stores – take either this or Yin Chiao, not both

hot tea of any kind



hope you feel better soon!

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