Valentine’s Day Display in December (?!?)

Valentine's Day Display in December (?!?)

Leah and I took a trip to a local Thousand Oaks Ralphs Supermarket — freeway-close and near the intersection of Moorpark Road and Janss Road — to get some Christmas essentials — namely: colored cellophane paper, candy canes, and IBUPROFEN. And what to my wandering eyes did appear, TWO AISLES OF SEASONAL TRAPPINGS. Only, what Season? Perhaps Christmas? Perhaps New Year’s? Here we are, December 19th in the year of Our Lord, two-thousand and seven. Guess again, says the Universe. No, not Christmas. No, not two aisles of New Year’s hats and noisemakers. The reason for the Season, and a two aisle display of candy and suchlike — VALENTINE’S DAY.


My eyes goggled, I went stiff from shock. I pointed this out to Leah. She was stunned. I snapped a photo so I could chronicle this sign of the times in a blog post.

Greetings America! You’re crazy!

two comments so far...

good job on the documentation.

Every year people complain about this stuff, but it just gets worse every year.

That’s uh… lame.

Let us protest this commercialism b.s. and write poetry to our Valentines! on recycled paper! yeah!

always looking for a revolution,

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