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  • Did I mention Merry Christmas?

    Spent some time with this dog, in addition to all my stepkids and my lovely wife. It was a great time. Coming up next: 2012.

  • Central California has some real beauty.

    Leah and I, as well as the 3 boys drove north to from Moorpark to Burlingame. It’s near the San Francisco Airport. It’s pretty here, but cold. Cold enough for me to look up a quote by Mark Twain. Sadly, the quote is not a true one. Mark Twain never said, “The coldest winter I…

  • Sinfest Comic from 28 Dec 2008

    I really liked this Sinfest comic, turning Buddha into the little drummer boy, drumming a Japanese style Taiko drum. I keep re-reading it and figured I should post a link:

  • Dawn Patrol

    Woke up early this morning and hit the pool early. Dawn Patrol baby! Hehe. I wonder if you know that idiom. Do you? Well let’s let the popup window spewing advertising fest tell you: What is a “dawn patrol?”: For those unfamiliar with the term, “dawn patrol” refers to a surfer’s arrival to the…

  • Valentine’s Day Display in December (?!?)

    Leah and I took a trip to a local Thousand Oaks Ralphs Supermarket — freeway-close and near the intersection of Moorpark Road and Janss Road — to get some Christmas essentials — namely: colored cellophane paper, candy canes, and IBUPROFEN. And what to my wandering eyes did appear, TWO AISLES OF SEASONAL TRAPPINGS. Only, what…

  • Snippets from the last two weeks

    Helping make Easter baskets which included saltwater taffy and Botan rice candy. Bodysurfing the day before Easter in the cold waters of the Coronado strand. Drinking Chai and checking RSS feeds at Influx. Getting an 80 on my most recent Statistics test. Disappointment ensues, but I think my A is still secure. Doing a presentation…

  • Presents and Treesville

    Whoa. Great Christmas Eve at my Grandparent’s tonight. Some great gifts, including theatre tickets to see Mark Twain Tonight with Hal Holbrook. And to top it off, a new header featuring the great tree I got and which my lovely wife decorated. Happy Holidays! Peace on Earth.