Dawn Patrol

Woke up early this morning and hit the pool early. Dawn Patrol baby!

Hehe. I wonder if you know that idiom. Do you? Well let’s let the popup window spewing advertising fest about.com tell you: What is a “dawn patrol?”:

For those unfamiliar with the term, “dawn patrol” refers to a surfer’s arrival to the beach at or just before sunrise.

The inclusion of the word “patrol” is idiosyncratic with the common conception of the casual surf attitude; however, the connotation of some militaristic mission impossible is justified. Once you’ve seen a surfer tune his equipment, pack his gear, and set off into the darkness intent on accomplishment, you might change your outlook on surfers forever.

Not bad. Basically surfers want to get there early for good waves. Beat the crowd. Get there first before real life intrudes. Dawn Patrol! Like if I keep repeating it you’ll get it.

Dawn Patrol! is like a two word summation of “the early bird gets the worm.”

We’re having some oddball weather. Suddenly it’s cloudy, overcast and even occasional showers. I’m not a fan, thanks.

Swim this morning was good. I’m still dealing with some lower back pain that I think is a result of overexertion from last weekend, or maybe something worse, it’s possible my random fitness regime has left some of me better off than others, and I’m paying for it with my back. I’m actually considering going to see a chiropractor to see if they can advise me on stretches, exercises, things I can do before swimming, things I can do while working that might help. I feel fitter, but I have a long way to go.

Anyhoo, we’re headed into a long weekend. Have a great one. It’s Memorial Day, so please consider those who have served their country this weekend.

Hey! Onward.



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It is some crazy weather out there. We had some drizzles here, and last weekend it was so hot.

About my back — this is a good tip and actually sounds right. My big paunch is a current problem. Thanks Susan M!

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