I’m proud of my regularity. SWIMMING regularity.

At 7am this morning at the pool in Camarillo the kid (okay, he’s probably like 18 or 19, but I’ve taken to thinking of anyone I estimate is 30 years or less as a kid) at the desk recommends the frequent pass.

I pay $3 a pop to swim there, and with this pass I can buy 10 passes for $27 dollars–buy 9, get one free.

I was surprised at the pride I felt at getting recognized as a regular. I must be doing something right. As I look back at some of my blog posts it looks like I’ve been swimming at least 3 times a week since March. I’m leery of buying the pass, if only because I don’t want to be saddled with having to go to one particular place. I still go to Calabasas as well since it’s on my drive home. Malibu is still closed, and it’s not as convenient anyway.

Here are two photos from my drive this morning.

West from Moorpark
Nearly Somis

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You are making miss my swimming days. Back in 1994-1995, I used to swim St. Pete Beach. I had a 1/2 mile course marked off from the life guard tower to the North end.

That sounds cool. I used to swim to the quarter mile bouy at La Jolla Cove, but I didn’t go with the consistency I am going with now.

Any swimming opportunities in Seattle? Perhaps at a Glitter Gym?

CriticalMAS suggestion: add a “glitter-gym” tag!

Suggestion taken.


Considering my recent move away from my Rust Gym, I may be forced to rejoin a Glitter Gym soon. Bad news for me = Good news for my readers. 🙂

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