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Oh, right, blogging. Hi!

Points that may or may not represent a plane.

Had a nice father’s day. Got a Happy Father’s Day card from the kids and none of the four kids felt it necessary to add “step” to my appellation. A nice surprise.

Drove by the beach yesterday, pretty.

Talked to my Mom and Dad yesterday on their Anniversary. Mom feeling good! Will restart chemo in July. Enjoying life. Wished my Dad a Happy Father’s Day! Love them. Sometimes difficult to live so far away from them.

Got my Hulk Cup on. Goes with Iron Man cup.

Hulk Cup and Iron Man cup like ebony and ivory

Slurpee cups are a very cheap hobby.

Another topic altogether: Our three houseguests continue to be a great blessing to us.

Dayjob going great working with a good team, and most importantly, with another programmer who’s much smarter than me (or at least smarter than me in interesting new areas) on a cool project. No other details available to the public at this time.

Currently not impressed by the invoice-paying mechanisms of dayjob. Five invoices in, one of which is now past due. Baby needs a new pair of shoes. So does the IRS. Leah was saying our ability to weather this unexpected interruption of predictable cashflow is testament to our new, good financial practices. I might call that the Dave Ramsey effect.

It’s great to have Leah home, even in small ways. Her Colombia posts are great.

My swimmer’s ear is cleared up, huzzah. Work should be less intense this week, so I intend to swim tonight.

Movies enjoyed this weekend: An Affair to Remember, Tron, and High Fidelity.

Mr. Bird needs more time out of his cage. He’s getting more anti-social. We have to work on that.

And thus, the week begins. Rock on.

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