Bar Camp LA 4 Rocked (Post Retrieved from Drafts)

Nine months ago I went to BarCampLA4.


Now it’s July and I find myself wondering why I never posted this draft. I guess it got superceded by this post.

I brought in ice and some grape soda and 7-up. Also, Nilla Wafers! I didn’t go the first day, but came the second, Sunday. It was awesome.

Post pizza

I had a really great time, learned what a Chumby was for the first time, saw great code demos, and got smarter.

I is here

After BCLA4, I ate dinner (Sheperd’s Pie) at Royal Clayton’s on Industrial around the block from the Greyhound Bus terminal.

I got to shake the hand of RMS, who also had closed the unconference.


See all my photos tagged barcampla4, and those of others.

I guess I intended to write more, but I never did. I think the thing about drafts that I intend to spend time on is that I just need to push them out there, because I always seem to have more to write about.


I’m in this photo!


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