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Another unearthed post, half-thought, half-written, and now posted, post-dated.

I suppose some folks can just quit blogging. The main story of bloggers who stop blogging is that they can’t actually stop.

I’m not talking about the sad characters who read they need a blog, do it for a week and then their sites sit on for eternity.

I’m talking about people who manage to get blogging several times a month for years. In my experience these people get hooked on blogging and even if they quit, they come back eventually. Maybe it takes years, but they come back. They always come back.

I thoroughly expect to see Leahpeah start blogging again, for example, though my saying so probably will delay her further.

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What else did he post in July 2008?

(Wednesday July 30th 2008 at 4:00am)

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Thanks MAS and Christine.

I obviously agree. I sort of intended to run through a list of folks I was reading in the 2003-2005 range but have reappeared with blogs in the past 2 years. There have been a few and I wondered why I was not shocked by it.

MAS, yours in particular is interesting because as I understand it you ran smack into the “friends and family problem.” I think I anticipated this problem from the get go, as I avoided blogging from the get go. I only started once I could see how it would be okay for my mom to see my blog. I do think though, that it has colored and influenced my blogging in ways that may have watered down what it could be. I think I might be more “entertaining” for example, if I could swear more, and talk about some of the darker experiences with a bit more humor and candor. I also could tell stories about various workplace experiences were I to go anonymous. As it is, my voice is rather political, which I understand. I wonder what a “totally uninhibited” ArtLung blog would be like sometimes.

Which is a long way to say I feel my constraints, but I did choose them, and I’m satisfied with the choice. But I do wonder from time to time what other paths there might have been for me.

I look forward to your next blog Christine, whenever that may be. Based on what what I’ve seen in flickr you definitely have a whole new chapter happening.

I’m glad you explained that; I had wondered about Leah. I guess meeting Juan Valdez just ruined her for blogging ;). I quit my last blog too. I think I’m a new chapter Christine and just haven’t figured out how to tell that story. The blogs of others, Flickr and Twitter are filling the void in the interim. Enjoy Hawaii!

Good post. So accurate. Even during my 1-year hiatus (2005), I was plotting my comeback.

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