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Some months ago I was prompted to learn a bit more about the tools out there for offline and online alternating blogging tools. Not server software, but applications which allow you to compose your blog and post when you have online access. I was not very impressed by any of them, but then I also am not part of whatever the demographic is that wants these tools.

So here’s the list I came up with, lo those months ago:

MarsEdit 2 (I’m still astonished that author does not include WYSIWYG) (for Mac) (30 day trial, cheap) no WYSIWYG! Ouch!
– not yet tested

BlogDesk (for Windows) (free)
– tested it, works great

Windows Live Writer (for Windows) (free)
– worked pretty good. kind of impressed Microsoft has a product like this

ScribeFire (addon Mozilla) (free)
– seemed to work okay, Firefox plugin

It’s All Text
– not really offline, but sort of interesting
– I didn’t use this enough to form much of an opinion

Also check out this post: Improve Your Workflow with a Blog Editing Program and this thread:
Best or better blogapi editor around.

Ecto (Mac)
– did not end up trying this one out

– both of these seem to want to post some kind of spam ads with all your posts, this turned me off so I never tried them out. I suppose it’s possible they have no-ad modes, but, not for me

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