Digital Breast Reduction in Pixar’s Knick Knack

jwz has all the details on the breast reduction that took place in the re-release of Knick Knack. I remember seeing Knick-Knack at a computer animation festival and at other animation tournees in San Diego and I do remember the original version. In fact, I think I have a VHS tape with the original versions from a Pixar short release.

How much of a breast reduction did the toys get? The screen captures tell the story best:



Again, the full details are available via jwz.

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I can appreciate the MPAA concern, but I personally think the KNICK KNACK Special Edition ladies are way hotter. I think tastes in female proportions have changed over time. In today’s world a modest sized pair of jumblies is often better received than a set of ill-proportioned bazooms.

Oh, and for making a blog post referencing a blog post from 2003, I feel comprelled to add this:

Old news is old.

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