Kimba and Me

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As the first grandkid, Kimba was jealous of me. I appear pretty happy in that photo, despite the fact that Kimba might be barking. My Grandpa actually had a “mad dog act” he and Kimba would do. Basically my grandfather would get down on all fours and encourage Kimba to lean over the side of him. Then my grandpa would sort of scream as though he were being attacked, and Kimba would bark. It was meant to be funny and scary. And I think it worked pretty well that way. A bit like something out of a David Lynch movie.

I showed another photo featuring Kimba the other day.

Kimba was jealous of me for being about his size and taking attention away from him. We lived in Los Angeles at the time, and my grandparents in San Diego, so anytime we returned for family stuff, like Christmastime, there Kimba would be. I remember being afraid of him, but really liking him. I used to lay on him like a pillow. He was actually a very friendly dog, despite the fact that initially he’d always growl at me.

Anyway, it was fun to scan a pile of photos for my grandfather’s birthday. I did a slideshow and it all turned out well. A nice family-fealty type-task.

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