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Whitney Brothers; Processing, Jbum

At BarCampLA, Jim Bumgardner was inspirational for many things. One small thing was for pointing out these two films:

“Lapis,” a short film by James Whitney:

“Catalog,” a short film by John Whitney, 1961

Over on Coverpop, Bumgardner shows off work inspired by John Whitney: Whitney Music Box which is beautiful and hypnotic and surprisingly musical. Mathematics and music indeed!

Inspired by this and Jim’s work, I downloaded Processing for the first time and began playing based on some of the examples on his Processing page.

I had a real good time at BarCampLA-7.

posted this 14 years ago.

(Saturday May 16th 2009 at 8:51am)

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Thanks for the nod, Joe! You will probably enjoy the site, where I’ve posted a few more Whitney and Whitney-esque examples:

– Jim

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