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A jumpsuit and shoes

Quote of the day, from a children’s book about the year 2010 written in 1972: 2010: Living in the Future (via

In the year 2010 everyone wears a jumpsuit and shoes. The clothes may look odd, but they are sensible. The jumpsuits and shoes are made in thousands of colors, from a material so light you can hardly feel it. The material keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

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Spooky how right they turned out to be. 😉

Leah must sew you this jumpsuit and herself the matching one. Question is, are you up for growing that mountain of hair and beard?

I think I’m headed toward jumpsuit-wearing, if my family heritage has anything to do with it: viz. my grandfather in this photo:

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I think my hair can’t be as high as in the cartoon, though I can grow a pretty good beard.

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