A trapped moment from July, 2009

Part of running WordPress is that when you start a post, your draft will get saved. It looks like on 21 July 2009 I cut and pasted this — I think from a quick email I sent with my cell phone to Leah while I was visiting my Grandparents for a while.

Thanks for the update. mx gpa apparently loves cranberry bagels. i did
some cleanup and gma joked that theyre raising my salary.then
corrected that theyre doubling my salary. then thex both chucled. xo


My grandfather apparently loves cranberry bagels. I did some cleaning up around the house, just helping out a little, nothing major. My grandma joked that they’re “raising my salary” — and then corrected herself that they’d double my salary. Then both of them chuckled at their joke.

A nice moment, frozen in time.

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