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Snowed yesterday

A lot.

Snow on Saturday

It caused the event I was going to go to: NC jQuery Camp, to get postponed till later in February. I’m still looking forward to a North Carolina adventure in coding.

So we were snowed in Saturday, except for some preliminary snow shoveling I did. Today, Sunday started at 5am and I went to pick up my dad from the airport. His flight was canceled for Saturday night, so he and his ski club took a van from Atlanta, and so I trekked over mostly cleared-ish roads in 5°ree;F weather. It was thankfully uneventful. The rest of today was shoveling snow, with a bit of email and lots of podcasts. I actually have a whole other post where I talk about shoveling snow in draft mode. So forgive me if the next post also features snow shoveling. It’s a workout.

And thus endeth this post.

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What else did he post in January 2010?

(Sunday January 31st 2010 at 6:46pm)

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It really is, two big snows 10″ or more so far. Supposedly Friday could be another one, too.

I’m getting good at shoveling snow though. 😛

seems like a lot of snow for the mid-atlantic this year!

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