Blogger FTP Migration Tool: Does not account for your images

Blogger has done work to create a migration tool for Blogger FTP users and is doing great communication.

You can move to a blogspot blog, (which you could do before) or change from self-hosting to being hosted by Blogger/Google by changing the DNS to point at Google’s servers. This is similar to how tumblr handles custom domain hosting.

The real failing here is that this does not account for whatever images or other multimedia you have in your posts.

It’s great that Blogger is doing all this work to communicate the changes, but I don’t think this migration tool is that great a solution. It’s also unclear to me how well this will work if you were hosting your blog in a subdirectory of your site.

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Erik — looks like you’ve got a sound methodology there (publish to blogspot, then sync back down to your own domain programmatically or rsync).

Looks like you’ve dedicated some real thought to this!

You may want to include caveats or notes about asking for people’s authentication info, and what assurances people using your online version of your tool about security.

Thanks so much for your comment and hard work. I get the sense that Blogger dropping FTP support has inspired a lot of work by programmers. 🙂

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