NOTE: This was originally published on April 11, 2010 as a page of its own. As of October 30, 2023 I’m moving it into a blog post.

Question: What is a colophon?

Answer: A brief description, usually located at the end of a book, describing publication or production notes relevant to the edition

  • Infrastructure includes:
    • The Internet itself
    • The DNS root nameservers makes domains possible
    • Pairnic rents me the domain name and has since 1999
    • pair Networks rents me server space and capabilities. They are an excellent hosting company.
  • I share a server with other people, and it makes possible many things:
    • FreeBSD is the UNIX operating system the server runs
    • Apache a web server, actually answers page requests from visitors
    • PHP is a programming languages that integrates with Apache and makes much nifty stuff possible
    • MySQL runs on yet another box, and makes yet other things possible
    • Some of the assets for the site are in Amazon Web Services S3
  • The content itself is composed of many things:
  • I try to check my work for validity, responsiveness and accessibility:

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