Flawed But Authentic

Several years ago my amazing wife Leah put together a blog called Flawed But Authentic and populated it with wonderful writers. It had a very nice heyday, but then, it stopped. It was a really cool idea though, and it made me sad to see a cool idea grow moribund and die. So, I’ve fixed and cleaned up the theme, and it’s back in business, I hope. What’s next? What the hell does “back in business” mean? I have no earthly idea. So I thought I’d mini-interview my very own wife about what Flawed But Authentic is about:

What does “Flawed But Authentic” mean?

To me, being authentic is the most important thing. Despite any flaws I have, my goal is to be as authentic as possible – true to myself, be just as I am.

Why did you start Flawed But Authentic?

I started FBA because I felt like I needed a daily shot of something authentic and uplifting. The theme idea for the site was to write about anything that had a sense of positivity and authenticity.

What’s next for Flawed But Authentic?

I am open to whatever it wants to be. Maybe a new community, maybe it will be revived with a shot of fresh writers. Or, maybe it will be just as it is, and that is fine, too.

I have met several people with the very nice FBA longsleeve t-shirts you had made. Any interest in doing shirts again?

If there were more than 25 people who wanted them, then yes. It isn’t cost effective for a lesser amount of shirts.

Thanks Leah!

Two Comments

Just sent Leah a submission for FBA via her email. I know she may not get is now, but…

I pray all goes well for her and for you. God gave her a great husband. Thanks for taking care of our Leah, Joe.

I’ll be trying to monitor messages and get things posted as well as possible. Thank you for your kind words.

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