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Grief is lightning swift. Appearing at intervals that seem random. Overpowering. Agonizing. Then gone as swiftly as it comes.


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Laurel Frost says:

Joe, that is a beautiful grief poem.

So a couple nights ago I’m up late as usual working on the computer with the TV on in the background–an ancient Trek:TNG episode, “The Masterpiece Society,”–and there’s this one scene that comes on with a piano recital, of Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor, which my mother used to play decades ago; and all at once I start bawling, for the loss of my mom, your mom, Sharon, everything.

Triggers remain where I least expect them.

Joe Crawford says:

Thank you both. It’s a comfort to know I’m not alone in my feelings.

those flashes are reminders that your mother is alive in your heart… it hurts now, and that is normal… I hope for you that one day they will be comforting.

take good care of yourself

Natalie says:

I’m thinking about you a lot. I’m still working on “Whatsoever you do.” I wanted to finish it and send it before your mother’s passing. I agree with Laurel. Your words are beautiful.


Joe Crawford says:

Jennifer, “those flashes are reminders that your mother is alive in your heart” has me thinking deeply about the upside of being so sad so often.

And Natalie, thank you, I dropped you an email.

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