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1980s Punk

Prior punks: tan punk, post-punk, cyberpunk, leather jacket girl punk.

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Requests for posts:

The original French Terrorist,

That One you Did of The Cat (yes that does narrow it down),

and of course…three words…
say it with me….



Yes! Dwayne Lives! (and don’t underestimate the power of lanky and bemused.
Not to mention, that Pooh character, for example, while far from lanky, and not necessarily textbook-definition bemused, has nevertheless had quite the career, yet I’d be hard pressed to write more then a ten-word resume for him.)

And yes, Ferris, but maybe I’m thinking of another drawing of Ferris, hmmm, like viewed outside from inside through a window/sliding door maybe?

No…it was definitely Ferris the Cat. Maybe there was yellow in the background? Less curled up maybe. I definitely remember you telling me that she was outside and you drew her while you were inside.
Or I’m either losin’ it or I’ve slipped universes again.
One of those three.
Or I guess a combination is possible too.

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