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Seven Recent Drawings

I’ve said before I’m drawing more. And boy am I!

So just this morning, I got a notion to draw Wonder Woman while I was on the bus. And there she is. No-photo blue & 2B pencil and not long after, there’s Wonder Woman with a sword and shield.

Wonder Woman: time to draw on the bus.

Or I had 10 minutes free waiting for Leah to wash grapes for preserves. Where was I waiting? Where a good friend’s dog, Baxter, was being lazy. Voila:

Time to draw from life again. This is Baxter who belongs to M+M.

And last weekend, Saturday, I went to Dr Sketchy’s San Diego. Boom! Drawing from life.

From Dr. Sketchy's yesterday. The blue was a 5 minute pose. 2B Pencil this morning.

More Sketchy's Spam. Blue pencil then 2B.

Someone in the morning stand-up meeting makes a reference to Evil Spock? Boom, an inky doodly Spock.

I did this Evil Spock in a morning scrum a few weeks ago.

Or even when I’m rebooting my work computer:

Sometimes while rebooting I'll draw.

Or having lunch and a beer in downtown San Diego:

Beer and sunglasses + drawing of beer and sunglasses

Clearly, I’ve entered a drawing renaissance. I’ve been drawing my whole life. Why it was I quit drawing is a fascinating topic I think, though I think I’ll keep at it.

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