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TabSweep.txt PART 2

Hey look kids, more links! Links are fun. Links are the essential currency of the net. Or maybe it’s apps. Apps are the essential currency and nobody is reading this.

But when the apps die, the links will live on. Maybe. (Bonus: read about webiness)

  1. It Don’t Gitmo Better Than This, journalism by Molly Crabapple
  2. Restoring Trust in Government and the Internet by Bruce Schneier
  3. Big Jelly by Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling
  4. Molly Crabapple: finding art in the dark a story about Molly Crabapple. She inspires me.
  5. How Concept Art Helped Sell the U.S. Space Program by Charley Parker
  6. The Landline by Bruce Sterling
  7. David Simon on 12 Years a Slave
  8. How to redirect domains using Amazon Web Services
  9. How Netflix Architects for Survival
  10. This MacOS application displays the lyrics for the currently-playing track in iTunes or Spotify. by jwz.
  11. Bruce Sterling on Design Fiction (design fiction as a concept has been inspirational to me of late)
  12. I have been mentioned in two metafilter Podcasts. (55: transcript) and (86: transcript for my AskMe question What did or would Walter Sobchak’s dog tags say?).
  13. Blogging is independent in a way that the big social software services are not.
  14. Clever interactive visualization of traffic waves
  15. Kate Darling on Robot Ethics: Humans bond with robots in surprising ways – soldiers honor robots with medals, demand that robots be repaired instead of being replaced, and demand funerals when they are destroyed. She tells us about a mine-defusing robot that looked like a stick insect. It lost one of six legs each time it exploded a mine. The colonel in charge of the exercise called it off on the grounds that a robot reduced to two or three legs was “inhumane”.
  16. Snowden, the NSA, and Free Software – Bruce Schneier + Eben Moglen
  17. Design your world this way; this should be your philosophy. I look at Forbes 400, look at their figures and see how it’s gone up in the last 30 years. Americans at the bottom are also improving, and that is great, but we don’t want that degree of inequality. Only governments can correct that. OMG Warren Buffett is awesome. This thought experiment is a lens to observe and correct inequality.
  18. War Nurse a public domain superhero.
  19. Four Freedoms, expounded upon by Matt of WordPress. ArtLung blog has run WordPress for a long time.
  20. Preaching Back At You: Billboard Campaign (billboards based on more negative biblical passages)
  21. Reboot or die: bidding a fond farewell to ‘FF’. I really liked that run of FF by Allred.
  22. Chinese on the moon! (previously: India, China, Space Race)
  23. Sequential Wednesdays #23.1 – NYCC ’13 Interview With Paul Pope (Paul Pope is a comics artist)
  24. Why Indie Developers Go Insane by Jeff Vogel (I have been reading writing by Jeff Vogel for a long time) Also, Please Stop Complaining About Free Mobile Games Now. PLEASE.
  25. Don’t Let Harlan Ellison Hear This Portrait of the pulp writer as an old man by Nick Mamatas

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