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TabSweep.txt PART 5

More linky links, linktastic linkies!

  2. Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away by Clay Shirky
  3. Seeing Spaces by Bret Victor
  4. The Other Side of Diversity
  5. JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass by Addy Osmani
  6. Skadi is a great comic about a barbarian girl who quests with her sidekick Diseaseoid to partake of every kind of flesh. You shoud be reading it.
  7. Superman and Atticus Finch
  8. I hanker for a hunk of cheese! (see Time for Timer)
  9. Rap Genius has turned into just Genius and now they even annotate books. Like Neuromancer.
  10. One Day I Will Die On Mars by Paul Ford
  11. The Field Negro on Bill Cosby Oh my goodness how the news about Cosby disappoints me
  12. An art process post by Melissa Ballesteros for her pinup piece “Ukelele Bunny.”
  13. Racism is a huge bummer. My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK by Kiese Laymon
  14. Add to the “TO-WATCH” list: Luis Buñuel’s Simon of the Desert
  15. Force Five was a giant robot tv show anthology. It included Danguard Ace!
  16. Mark Twain reviews The Book of Mormon
  17. And more giant robot tv
  18. And Robotan, another robot tv show
  19. And another one which includes some Mazinger Z!
  20. Let’s read some scripture! Lamentations.
  22. Ten Ways to Add Life to a [COMIC BOOK] Page by Steve Lieber
  23. An oral history of Boogie Nights
  24. Matsumoto Katsuji and the American Roots of Kawaii

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