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Programming Tinder


This is some straightforward, and yet entirely brilliant programming. This person took his prior Tinder choices, made an aggregate of “yes” and “no” swipes, then used the official Tinder APIs to automate his selections. This is kind of Artificial Intelligence, though a better term might be “expert system” (distilling what an expert knows into a piece of software, in this case the expertise is “what a person found attractive on Tinder”) and what it does is execute those decisions.

What’s astonishing is that all of this used off-the shelf and open source technology. Only Tinder is proprietary. All the rest of this are libraries anyone could use.

The modern age is not what I expected, but it most certainly contains artificial intelligence, though it’s less hyperintelligent HAL 9000 and more “personal assistant.”


Moreover, the programmer made the whole thing available on GitHub.

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