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Italian Latency

Went to beach with Leah for the sunset. And looking, as I do, approachable, plus looking like I know my way around mass transit, random tourist humbly asks my help with the bus. He’s got the 8/9 bus schedule with highlighter marks on it. He’s a bit confused, and has a bit of an accent. I help him and when the accent comes clear in my head that it’s Italian I ask him «parli Italiano?» He smiles and says «sì» to which I ridiculously reply “oh I don’t speak Italian.” He waves me off and asks me some additional questions about the bus. I reassure him the 8 will be along soon right along Mission Blvd just look for the bus stop. He thanks me and wishes me a good night.

Five minutes later I think “darn it! I could have wished him a «buona notte».”

My Italian is extraordinarily limited and has five minutes latency.

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