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And here’s how strange Facebook is. I post this ancient photo of Halloween and think – I wonder if I can find anyone in the photo? I don’t remember the kid in the middle, but Celsito and Carlos were my running buddies when I was a kid. I reconnected with them once, many years ago, after Celso had gotten some renown as part of Pill Module. I go looking again this morning and I see to my shock that Celso died a few years ago. I feel really sad about this even though we didn’t keep in touch. Celsito (my brain pretty much won’t let me call him Celso) was a great friend in my young L.A. days – all before the age of 8. I remember, vividly, him playing KISS records and he and me and Carlos lip syncing in their fancy living room in San Gabriel doing air guitar. Celso got to be a rock star eventually! I remember watching my first anime with him too – Speed Racer. Magic Mountain trips. Bike riding. Sleepovers. I stayed for several days right when my sister was born. So many memories.

Rest in Peace Celso. RIP.

OCTOBER. If I close my eyes I can remember my Mom eyebrow pencilling on that Van Dyke beard.

posted this 7 years ago.
What else did he post in October 2015?

(Thursday October 1st 2015 at 8:49am)

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