On The Radio.

Yesterday I did something I’d planned to do for a long time, but never got around to: I posted a transcript of that time I got on the radio. It took me 15 years and is 9,050 words. I’ve had the recording since 2002.

It was a fun moment. Before it happened, here’s what I wrote:

TONIGHT ONLY. I’ll be on the radio. San Diego NPR station KPBS on the show The Lounge. topic? Blogging. Also being featured is Lester of Yeah, Totally. Time? 6:30pm California Time [Pacific Daylight Time]. If you’re on the East Coast of the USA that’s 9:30pm. And according to this Timezone Converter 18:30:00 Jul 16 2002 in US/Pacific converts to 01:30:00 Jul 17 2002 in GMT

If you want to listen, you’ll need Windows Media Player (yes, available for Mac) Windows Media Streams from KPBS. If you’re in San Diego, just turn on your radio and tune to 89.5 FM.

I did try to blog in real-time, but unfortunately, would not work while I was there. Oh, I posted a few times but resorted, eventually, to editing the post in an ssh session. I wrote:

It’s evolving. Doing some updates in emacs.

And I wrote brief posts after. Including this:

My sister’s boyfriend Daniel also sent me some pictures of my parents listening to me via a little iMac with Windows Media Player. Fun to see them in the midst of listening. I don’t think I’m going to post the pictures. But they are awesome. And my parents are awesome. They drove several hours to hear that on Daniel+Kelly’s broadband connection. And also to see the special edition of Cinema Paradiso.

15 years later and I think now I’ll post the pictures. Here’s my family listening to the radio:

Thanks for reading.

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