Miracle Mile Q&A!

Miracle Mile is one of my favorite movies. It is downbeat, carries a message, has a relatable fellow who lives in Los Angeles, has a short love story, has a great rapprochement in it, tons of vivid couples. Vivid individual characters who read like real Angelenos to me. The argument about the best way to get to Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas Barbecue is one of the most L.A. diner conversations I’ve ever seen depicted. I’m pretty sure Walter and Jeff Lebowski’s argument about the toe is also set at Johnnie’s on Wilshire but I’m too lazy to look it up.

There’s a wonderful new podcast interview with the writer/director Steve De Jarnatt with the amazing Q&A: Miracle Mile – 30th Anniversary Q&A – Steve De Jarnatt.

It was a delight hearing Mr. De Jarnatt go over details I love. Johnnie’s and the Cliffs Notes to Gravity’s Rainbow and the bedlam on Wilshire. The crew of people working to survive, the urgency of trying to survive. The thinking through how would we survive when under the gun, in the middle of the night, feels real. Also on his website he has some paintings by Paul Chadwick from the era that are really vivid.

Miracle Mile is all so beautiful and bleak and wonderful and I was so glad to listen to this podcast. For fans of Miracle Mile, it’s a must. If you’re not a fan, watch it and you might be. De Jarnatt says the best way to watch is the Blu-Ray – which I want to seek out now.

In the meantime, listen to the podcast: Miracle Mile – 30th Anniversary Q&A – Steve De Jarnatt

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