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I have no idea how many times I’ve walked through San Diego’s Santa Fe. Arriving and departing from L.A. as a kid, one time alone, when we lived in Echo Park and Alhambra; as a term, playing hooky; trips to Fullerton to see my pal Chris at ages 17 until now; trips to events: concerts by @stewtnp and the “Live from the Blogosphere” event where @evhead announced Blogger dot com was sold to Google; trips to and from Comic-Con; Little Tokyo; up to Moorpark when I lived there; walking though it many times when arriving by Coaster from Carlsbad where @leohblooms dropped me off, I worked at Emerald Plaza, then; picking up and dropping off more people than I can remember, traveling; once went to a plein air drawing event here; wandering downtown when I worked at the original @sdpubliclibrary Central Branch; and Avencom, and jury duty 2 years ago; which is why I’m here this morning.

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