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Merger Email of the Day

Going to the beach as often as I do, I have subscriptions for both Magic Seaweed and Surfline. Looks like they’re going to combine.

How to get started with Surfline.

Magicseaweed has been a part of the Surfline family for over five years and now we’re coming together under the Surfline brand umbrella.
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What’s in it for you?

As magicseaweed moves over to Surfline, our tech and team are coming with us, so you can be confident that forecasts will still be spot-on. Plus, you’ll get all the features Surfline has pioneered over the past four decades.

  • You’ll have access to both platforms until we complete the changeover in the coming months.
  • Don’t worry, we won’t charge you for two memberships. Your remaining MSW subscription time will be added to your existing Surfline Premium account.
  • Your Surfline Premium membership will continue to auto-renew, after you use up your added subscription time. See below for more details.*

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