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Militant Angeleno is moving and upgrading!

Moving Right Along…:

All good things may or may not come to an end. After 16 years, the Militant is making his last post on This Here Blog Site…Because he has recently purchased his own domain and has set up a brand-spankin’ new WordPress blog site! So, no, The Militant isn’t calling it quits, he’s just moving. He’s had it with this platform and its very user-unfriendly formatting. But history-loving archivist he is, he will keep this site up as The Militant Archives and continue to link to this one when and where appropriate. Some important posts will be updated and migrated to the new site as time permits though.

In the meantime, you can find The Militant at his new website:! See you or see you there!

Exciting! I haven’t mentioned The Militant in a few years but I still read via RSS.

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