“AI” – artificial intelligence is not that. It’s not the intelligence we hope our children and grandchildren will develop to make their way in the world. If you’ve used “autocomplete” or a “grammar check” then you’ve used tools in the “AI” category. The software — LLMs — (large language models) take in huge volumes of human data and create even more gigantic indexes of the patterns in the data. Sentences and paragraphs; stanzas and chapters; drawings and renderings all form the basis of such LLMs. @vizcom_ is designed for developing products – for example automotive interiors — I learned about it yesterday from my friend Chris. I made a free account with Vizcom and managed to turn a sketch of the rocketship sand mold I found at Huntington yesterday into this rendering. I added a textual prompt: “red toy rocketship.” Using the indexes it has about renderings of toys, of rocketships, of the color red, and code that interprets the shapes on a sketch and presumably much more software about making renders of 3D space the Vizcom tool generated the output. I’ll hold on sharing my many skepticisms about the misuse of these technologies for now, but this kind of tool is fascinating.

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