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(on Substack allowing Nazi writers to use their platform)

I am not an economist, but I am pretty sure that limiting the ability of Nazis to acquire money actually does “make [the Nazi problem] worse.” I am pretty sure that money helps Nazis, actually. It certainly helps everyone else.

The question of free speech is often a challenging one — I wrote about this very recently — but whether companies ought to give Actual Goddamn Nazis a microphone is actually quite simple. Substack is not the government, they are an online newsletter platform that gets to decide who does and does not get to use their platform. By all accounts, they do not allow explicit adult content. They do not allow spam or phishing. They have, however, decided to explicitly welcome and profit off of creators who describe themselves as national socialists, use Nazi imagery in their branding, openly advance white supremacy, and debate “The Jewish Question.” Creators currently making significant amounts of money on Substack include Identity Evropa leader Patrick Casey and Richard “Hail Victory” Spencer.

From God Damn It, Substack by Laura Jedeed

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