Goodbye Clash of Clans

In Summer 2014 I started playing the quite engaging iOS game Clash of Clans.I mentioned it at the end of 2014. And I mentioned it in 2022, too–with screenshots.

I stopped playing regularly a few months ago. I look periodically but I’ve lost the habit. Probably I’ve replaced it with CSS Battle. Which is great.

Here’s how my main base looks right now.

Time to go!

Bye Bye Clash of Clans!

two comments so far...

wow, the CSS puzzles are ao fun they replaced your main game? That’s quite the ringing endorsement.

That’s it, I’m sold and going to try it out.

CoC is fun, but also somewhat compulsively motivated. CSS Battle I would describe as fun (I’m not sure others do!) and *for me* also motivates me compulsively. It happens to have come around at just the time CoC was something I grew weary of.

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