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Clash of Clans X-Mas Tree

I’ve been playing Clash of Clans since the Summer. I play it to keep in touch with my Godson Zac, though I think he’s playing it less than me these days.

Today I removed a little Christmas Cheer, an “X-Mas Tree” which is an Obstacle in the game. Obstacles can be removed for a cost, and then sometimes, usually will give a benefit in one of the currencies of the game: experience points, gems, coins, or elixir. I pretty much always just want gems as they are the least “earnable” items in the game. But Putting out 25,000 coins to get back 75,000 coins is not so bad. See also: Is there any benefit to removing the X-Mas tree from my land? over on

Here’s what my base looks like today:


And what’s that in the lower left corner? A little present and a little tree?


Merry X-Mas! 🙂


Any of my readers play Clash of Clans?

two comments so far...

I’ve been playing Clash of Clans for 8 years. Since 2014. I think I’ve upgraded and maximized everything that can be upgraded and maximized.
It’s a diversion that turns off my brain. It’s not bad for that. It’s not good, exactly.
Here’s what my base looks like.

Will I stop? I honestly don’t know.

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