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Burn Down The Malls! In honor of Mojo Nixon, 1957-2024

I just read that Mojo Nixon died.

I love Mojo Nixon. Mojo Nixon is eternal.

Elvis is in your mom!
He’s in everybody–
He’s in the young–
The old–
The fat–
The skinny–
The white–
The black–
The brown–
And the blue people got Elvis in ’em too.

Mojo was born in North Carolina, apparently. I always considered him a San Diego local. He was ever–present in San Diego media in the 1980s and I dug him. One of the first cassette tapes I bought with my minimum wage was Root Hog or Die!

I was a new wave kid but American roots rock that takes the music seriously and uses the words to speak up goofy every which a-way is my favorite thing.

I saw Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper play a few times at the Del Mar Fair (they call it the San Diego Fair now but it’s the Del Mar Fair) and I consider myself lucky.

Listen to some Mojo Nixon today. Here’s four of my favorites but if you listen to one of his songs you shall be entertained. I guarantee.

Burn Down The Malls!

Elvis is Everywhere!

Rutabagas (instrumental)

Jesus at McDonald’s – Includes the line “I saw Mother Mary at a Roberto’s on El Cajon” which is about as much of a San Diego lyric as I can imagine.


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