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Email of the morning

I’m thinking about adding metadata from the many Instagram posts I’ve backfilled into this website. In some cases the photo quality is not the best, I know there are a few duplicates. And I would like location metadata for those times I actually added location data to posts.

I’ve used instaloooter for this in the past. And then used InstalooterToWordPress to pull that data into this website.

Anyway, I requested the data and it will take some indeterminate amount of time to get a reply. It’s not a small ask and I’m willing to wait.

Thanks for requesting a copy of your information. Once we’ve finished creating these files, we will send you another email to let you know they’re ready to download to a mobile device or computer.

When your files are ready, they will be available on the download your information page. For security reasons, they are only available to download for 4 days after they’re ready.

If you did not request a copy of your information, please take steps to further secure your account.


The Meta Privacy Team

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