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Items You May or May Not Wish To Read and Look At

How Latin America Revolutionized Baseball:

Some Latinos were able to bend the rules because of their skin color, but they were never considered “superstars” by the general public or media before 1947—except for one. His name was Adolfo Lugue from Havana Cuba, and he was considered a “white-Cuban.” In 1923, Adolfo won 27 games for the Cincinnati Reds and went on to play for 20 years.

Although he reached success, the majority of light-skinned Latino players of that time had a brief run with the league. In the 1950s, that started to change. In 1951, we saw the first two Latinos in MLB history make the All-Star game.

The Desert from Cat and Girl

Age is more than just a number for one candidate but not the other:

The other guy, on the other hand, does not have his heart in the right place. He does not care about what’s best for America. He only cares about himself. He is a declared authoritarian and fascist who will govern like one, and he has vowed to get revenge on his perceived enemies. The presidency is a get out of jail free card for him, and he will do whatever it takes to get it. The scary thing is, with the help and complicity of the corporate American media machine, he is well on his way to getting his wish. The old guy who has done a masterful public relations job of not seeming to be old, might very well beat the old guy who is not quite as adept and not making public perception his reality.

L is for Licensing from Nick’s 26 Days of Type, ongoing.

Vision 1993 from Tim Bray:

For me, that last point is at the center of everything. I want to be in a park at night and see fiery snakes climbing all the trees. I want to walk into a big-box store and have a huge glowing balloon appear over the Baking Supplies. I want floating labels to attach to all the different parts of the machine I’m trying to fix.

I think a lot about the Bridge novels from William Gibson quite a lot. But those Bridge novels continue to loom large. Virtual idols, virtual reality goggles, rampant poverty, hacking as a commonplace, everyone with a computer, virtual global communities, predatory global corporations. That’s the future we live in now.

Speaking of a bleak future suffused with authoritarians, let’s fast forward to the past where it was Donald Duck seconded to let folks know that Nazis suck: Duck and Cover: Donald’s World War II Short Subjects.

Webbed Briefs which I learned about via an offhand comment on Mastodon and are absolutely right up my alley. Puns, frippery, and whimsey plus markup, code, and a18y comments in tight video nuggets? I slept on this but now I enjoy them quite a bit.

WEBBED BRIEFS are brief videos about the web, its technologies, and how to make the most of them. They’re packed with information, fun times(TM), and actual goats.

Federation syndication

Although I guess there’s a lesson here. Something something caching.

Something something caching is definitely a quote of the day to me.

Raw Doggin’ Reality: 18 Months Above the Influence from June of last year from The Coyoteverse. I’ve bought a few pieces of art from Stardust Coyote over the past few years. Brilliant collages artist.

The biggest gift that sobriety gave me was time. I gained SO much time these last 18 months. No evenings lost to drunkenness where I can’t remember things clearly. No mornings (and let’s be real into afternoons sometimes) lost to hangovers. No extending a bad mood into the next day by medicating with alcohol and then dealing with a hangover. It’s amazing what 18 months of no hangovers can give you. I was able to work on art, finish projects, and enjoy time with my husband, friends, and family. I got up every day feeling pretty good and this was the biggest gift sobriety gave me. This is something I’ll remember even as I return to alcohol.

Move fast with broken things from mathowie:

From his instagram, I followed a link to his Facebook profile, and since he didn’t have much of a web presence, pretty much all his time was spent on Facebook. I expected to see his profile frozen in amber but strangely, on his birthday each year in early June, there were dozens of jubilant happy birthday comments from his Facebook friends. Scrolling back, you see the same pattern every year in June, dozens of people shouting happy birthday with happy emoji and GIFs and images.

My Mom’s been dead more than 10 years but I don’t have the heart to close her account on FB. It’s still a place to share about her. “Happy Birthday in Heaven” is a perfect kind of bittersweet remembrance. Nothing easy about it but it’s a nice kind of sadness.

That’s a good amount of links. Maybe not for you, but for me, to remember.

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