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MovieBob has a new video series that is astounding and wonderful: “THIS MOVIE EXISTS”: GINGER (1971), THE CRUSADES (1935), HAPPILY EVER AFTER (1993)–all three are weird and surprising in many ways. I love learning about films at the edges of moviedom!

James shares his self-doubts in a way I find brave. Evening listening:

Asking yourself the question “what can I make next?” is good until it’s not. I am excited by the premise of building something new unless days pass without ideas; then, things get more stressful.

I can’t help with stress beyond expressing the fact that I feel that at times too. But when he shares:

But I am left feeling like I need to explore music from more 2000s rappers, and R&B music.

James blogs on tech nerdery but he’s also among the most raw sharers blogging right now. And heck yes I have hip-hop some hip hop recommendations. Truly many of them are more late 80s and early 90s but still. If you want R&B more generally that’s a far vaster history. You might want to his some soul music along the way. But James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder’s 1970s work, Marvin Gaye are all pretty perennial. James if you ever lack for musical recommendations I’ll try to step up!

Mark Evanier writes about Hollywood Boulevard in his post The Street of Disappointment. I remember well visiting World Book & News (now defunct, mentioned in February) on Cahuenga right off Hollywood in the 1980s and when I worked on Sunset Blvd in the early 2000s I would walk Hollywood on my lunch hours. It’s not the center of entertainment, but it is very Los Angeles and very specifically Californian. From Musso & Franks‘ classic restaurant to Frederick’s of Hollywood‘s huge selection of trashy lingerie (not to be confused with the actual Trashy Lingerie store further west on La Cienega). Oh, and probably those last two links would be inappropriate for work. I do love L.A.

He also mentioned that Junior’s burned down, which saddens me very much.

The Bodysurf Blog is working on a comprehensive history of bodysurfing. Excellent.

Pablo shared bravely this month. I have had the honor of having a fair number of people come out to me in the 1990s and I always felt honored when they shared that with me. And my ex-spouse as part of our slow-motion breakup learned a great deal about their own sexuality and I was always encouraging of them sorting out how they are and how they would like to live. People must be who they are. I’m proud of you Pablo!

And I have no place to put this, but I don’t care for these words: collab, inspo, sammie.

Jeremy Keith on sharing writing on the web:

It’s true that the world doesn’t need another think piece. The world doesn’t need to hear your thoughts on some topic. The world doesn’t need to hear what you’ve been up to recently.

But you know what? Screw what the world needs.

Even if you talk about a sammie collab–that might be inspo for others, like and subscribe!

Also, I don’t agree with every culinary opinion in this Slate piece about burritos but it’s worth a read.

The Web We Want is an intriguing idea, collecting feedback on what tooling and aspects we need and want on the web.

Mickey, Disney, and the Public Domain: a 95-year Love Triangle is a thorough expression of what folks might do with Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie now that it entered the public domain.

And lastly, I loved researching the Coronado Bridge yesterday. I think the piece turned out well.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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