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Front End Study Hall Continues!

The next Front End Study Hall (#003) will be on May 23, 2024. #002 was yesterday and was another solid get together. I learned bit of nuance around using grid-template-areas and understand what I’ve seen before when trying that, one really needs to have predictable markup to use it properly. Two different elements with the same value of `grid-area` will necessarily share the same space. The notes are worth a peruse.

As to the next meeting:

Front End Study Hall is an HTML + CSS focused group meeting, held on Zoom to learn from each other about how to make code do what we want.

Come prepared to teach and learn!

If you have some CSS you’re trying to make sense of this is a great place to hash it out. at #002 we made an attempt to do a responsive hamburger menu style sidebar using the new popover spec and I ran into limitations of it. We also looked at possibly using light-dark() to manage dark mode preference based on this good article. We didn’t reach a steady state with either but participants offered some other techniques that were promising.

So, if you’ve got an interest in CSS, come along and spend some time with us on Thursday May 23rd! If you have any questions about Study Hall (or anything else IndieWeb) feel free to leave a comment here or message me privately on my Feedback page.

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Aw, I completely missed that #002 was happening. Is there a FESH-only calendar or RSS feed or something? If I subscribe to the general Upcoming Events feed, I’ll end up ignoring it for “noise” and thus continue to miss FESHes.

PERFECT. I should be able to make #003, unless something unexpected comes up (Thursday afternoons are usually pretty open for me).

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