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  • Draw Something maxes out at 999.

    I get so bummed out that OMGPOP Zynga Draw Something tops out at 999. Apparently it used to top out at 99. This is at least better, because so few people are going to play a thousand rounds of Draw Something with another person, but still. It’s a bummer. Leah and I really like it.

  • Jesse Schell: Beyond Facebook

    Making the rounds today is a talk by Jesse Schell, of Schell Games who is an instructor at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. He also has a blog called Things I Finished. His talk is full of insights that are very vivid. Here is the video of his talk from DICE, and…

  • I finished Red Remover

    Altogether, Red Remover was pretty hard. If I finish a silly Flash game I don’t necessarily take a screenshot, but this one was pretty darn hard.

  • Sometimes a tetherball is just a tetherball.

    One of my favorite things as a kid was playing tetherball in the back yard of my Grandparents house. The tetherball itself has been changed out a number of times over the years, and it looks like it’s about due. I enjoyed playing though when I was shorter it pained me to get beaten. Once…

  • Fry’s, El Capitan, Geocaching & My Stanky Feet

    Friday afternoon I answered a tweet of the incomparable ChefJoanna which ended up getting one of our houseguests a very full night of work doing such things as separating crab from crabshell. Joanna needed a replacement assistant for the night, her regular assistant having gotten into a car accident. When I called her up on…

  • Get Lamp

    via Jason Scott. visit GET LAMP for more information.

  • Goings On; EA; SIGGRAPH

    I have some backlog stuff, as per usual. This weekend to catch up? I hope so. Last night I went to the SIGGRAPH Los Angeles event held at the EA facility in Marina del Rey. Devon was supposed to attend with me but he ended up distracted by girlfriend. The Electronic Arts building, or rather…

  • I have no Xbox

    But now I have a gamertag: Working in the games business, as I do by dint of working for a game company, it’s become sort of sad that I don’t have one. Even sadder though, is that I’m unlikely to add anything to it anytime soon.

  • Sheepies in the Vast Gray Field

    As you may have seen previously, I’ve been experimenting with building a game with jQuery as the infrastructure over on This is a screenshot. The super-cute illustrations were created by Dug. The concept of a game with sheep was suggested by a few people, including MAS. Ping said cats and mice, but I quite…