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July 16th, 2002

Being referred to now…

Being referred to now. Scary.

Mitch is talking with erudition. Nice.

Lester now. He’s rad. Being asked about coming ‘out.’ Big questions.

It’s evolving. Doing some updates in emacs.

Dirk looking over my shoulder as I update. Cool.

bak from the break.

Lots of personal questions. (squirm). But it was cool. Dirk asks good questions.

Lester discussing Kaycee Nicole. Good topic for blogs. Reality vs. Fiction.

Paying attention to the conversation makes it hard to blog.

Yikes. They keep talking about me blogging.

Short break.


Lester plugging Electroluxe. Cool. He read a good entry.

Taking calls now. A person talking about her livejournal.

Tara! calling! She’s got two sites that are dead from san diego bloggers.

Wrapping it up. Nice. Went well. Already have gotten several pieces of mail from friends. Very cool.


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