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From ipodbatteryfaq.com:

Q: Apple only released their battery replacement service because of all the bad publicity from iPod’s Dirty Secret.

A: While often claimed, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Apple released the battery replacement program November 14. ipodsdirtysecret.com was only registered on November 20, and started being heavily publicized on November 21. Additionally, Apple had been planning the AppleCare programs for months – these types of service programs don’t just happen overnight – before Casey Neistat even had his first contact with Apple. The video campaign had nothing to do with Apple’s rollout of the battery replacement program.

The Dirty Secret folks have a great guerilla movie. The sad thing is that I put it in the category of “Triumph of the Will” — brilliant marketing for a hollow, misleading cause.

I would like to see the Neistats do something more substantial with their marketing talents. (background: ipodsdirtysecret.com )

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