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October, 2018: 21 posts.

Google’s Gmail Suggestions vs Apple’s MacOS Suggestions. 2018 Oct 04

Neither believe I want to write the word “Quiche.”

Love that Prof. Galloway. 2018 Oct 06

“Love received is comforting, love reciprocated is rewarding, and love given completely is eternal. You are immortal. Our role, our job as agents of the species, is to love someone unconditionally. It’s the secret sauce cementing the survival of homo sapiens. And to ensure we continue to enlist in this act, it’s also the most rewarding. To love someone completely is the ultimate accomplishment. It says to the universe you matter, you are an agent of survival, evolution, and life. You are still just a blink of an eye, but the blink matters.”

(I’m a big fan of Professor Galloway, who wrote this) — (Segmentation & Love)

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