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September 2018 Thirty-three posts

I made a friend bodysurfing. He was using a sprig of seaweed to ride waves. Waves with some height and real power from Rosa. #bodysurfing #oceanbeach #sandiego #crabs

Dave Pressler

I regret that I didn’t get up to Lancaster to see his show: Idea to Object but I’m glad I can follow his website: Dave Pressler.

Serious young man. And a goofball cousin (me).

My dad and sister. NYC Christmastime 1992.

‪Great talk by Danny Kimm this morning at #cmsandiego on smartphones, screen time, and human connection.‬ thanks @creativemornings_sd

Airport selfie, 1992. Headphones and listening to CDs I had to carry around with me. Ah, the past. Let’s not romanticize it.

So cool in ‘92. Me and my sister @ Griffith Park.

No really, @sketchpartysd last night was great. #sketchpartysd

Swarm Checkins

Young Yondu, maybe. #sketchpartysd Amazing 3 year Anniversary turnout! Here’s to @sketchpartysd

Was looking at code. Just doing cleanup in archival directories on my website and in a file with a time stamp of August 22, 2001 — hidden in an HTML comment— here’s a copy and pasted email from my mom. I encoded an audio tape of the night before their wedding and asked how old everyone in the tape was. I sure miss you mom.

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