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More miscellany from San Diego Comic Con 2019!

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Me, a Blue Blazer Irregular and Batwoman at the Seaport Village trolley stop during SDCC.

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Mise-en-scène — Thursday in Santa Ana #SpillSA #SPILLSA with @chrisgreazel

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Mad-Eye giving blood last weekend. @sandiegobloodbank #sdcc2019 #madeyemoody

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We missed the trolley.

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Final shot in the exhibit hall from San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Yes, a robot selfie. What a swell time.

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This Mazinger Z was for sale at Comic-Con this past weekend and be proud of me I didn’t even ask the price.

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New pens. New drawing. #sdcc #sdcc2019 #byebye

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#Cosplay is magic. Vasquez!; fun-loving Galactus, Devourer of Worlds; Jennifer Walters: She-Hulk; Parker from Alien; Queen of the Iron Throne; Rainbow Batman; DC Bombshells’ Wonder Woman; Steranko! (dapper men cosplay themselves) #sdcc #sdcc2019

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Drawing Batman in the Batman panel is my jam. #sdcc #drawing #batman

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