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On February 19…

On February 19, 2001 I started blogging. That makes it one year starting tomorrow. As it happens, the answer to my question is this: I can indeed keep up with the blogging. At least for a year. I think I’m able to keep it up because I think of it as many things – a diary, a ship’s log, a changelog, an acknowledgements page, a table of contents, a news page, a “what’s new” page. All things current (and public, not everything gets blogged by me) in my life are are sucked into this amorphous thing called a blog. Maybe a better term for it would be “mental junk drawer.” Here’s a graphical listing by month, with a bar graph to indicate the number of posts per month. They are also linked so you can see the individual months.

posted this 21 years ago.
What else did he post in February 2002?

(Monday February 18th 2002 at 9:24pm)

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